Top Bizzarre, Crazy, Weird, Unimaginable Freaky Body Implants | Best Photos of Crazy Body Modifications

Woman with horns
Alex Finch acquired these Pokémon balls sub-dermal implants

Corset Piercings: One of the newest trends in body modification comes in the form of corset piercings.

Eyeball Tattoo: Corneal tattooing became almost commonplace in the late 19th century and into the 20th century to correct defects such as corneal scarring and leucomas.


A 3D-Art implant is any object implanted fully under the skin for the purpose of affecting a sculptural change of the surface.

The Human Branding is, perhaps, the most painful of all body modifications.

One of the newest body modifications to hit the scene is tongue splitting, or tongue bifurcation.

New York plastic surgoen Dr. Lajos Nagy created a surgical procedure to make human ears pointed, like a mythological creature.


Braille tattoos are a new innovation that allows the blind to enjoy body modifications too.


These tentacle suction-cup implants were done by Dark Freak at Luck All in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

silicone implants not in the chest, but in the leg


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